Eat Suite – first studio album by Matej Meštrović and Sudar Percussion Ensemble thrilled the audience and the experts with innovative music arrangements and original CD design. CD packaging in cans ensure them a nomination for the Croatian Porin award in the category for the most original design. During the project a documentary film directed by Arsen Oremović “Crash in the Castle” was also filmed. This documentary was awarded by the audience and the jury at many film festivals in Europe.

In 2015, album Eat Suite won two prestigious prizes at the Independent Music Awards in the USA and was nominated in six categories. A nominations for the best instrumental album stands out. The album was nominated in the same category at the Croatian discography award Porin.


Creme Brulee

Sarma, Sarma

It’s a wonder how the original instrumental music in combination with the energy of the Sudar Percussion Ensemble rises audience to their feet at every concert.

Eat suite
  • Hrvoje Horvat

    “… rocking with huge balls …” (

  • Ney Rosauro

    “the album has the potential to become a big percussionist hit”

  • Irena Paulus

    “wildest group of musicians in this area”

  • Dubravko Jagatić

    “Eat Suite is a whole in which one can recognize a compositional genius of the legendary composer of classical music throughout history, but with the overt influence of punk, break beat and popular music without which the soundtrack of life today is unimaginable” (Rolling Stone)