Nicolas Sinković, (1983.)  graduated from the Academy of Music in Zagreb in 2012., under  Professor Igor Lešnik. He currently works on several projects, one of which is part-time association within the Croatian Radio Television Symphony Orchestra. Also, Nikolas has significant interest in music pedagogy. He worked with the Croatian National Theatre Orchestra, Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as the Croatian Army Orchestra. Nicolas works closely with Cantus Ensemble, and is also a member of ‘Triko Cirkus Teatar’, with which he won an award for The best Independent Theatre in 2012.
As a student he was a member of a student percussion ensemble Bing Bang, and in 2009. awarded at the Croatian Association of Music and Dance Pedagogists (HDGPP) competition with the first prize. He also received a Special Rector’s Award. As a long time member of the ensemble he has performed with internationally acknowledged musicians like Andy Narrel and Dave Samuels, regularly taking part in percussion festivals and seminars lectured by acclaimed soloists and pedagogists. His performances in Croatia and abroad are numerous. Especially recognized are his performances with the ensemble Bing Bang in China, Italy, Austria, France, and Sweden, as well as concerts with Triko Cirkus Teatar at the festival Croate la voici in Paris and at the Muscailt Arts Festival in Ireland.
Nicolas takes part in many different projects and alternative music bands – of his many performances some enjoy a special recognition: Amsterdam, Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Motovun Film Festival,  New Circus Fetival, etc.